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While your commercial flat roof protects you, your employees and your equipment from the elements it is also bearing the burden of snow accumulation on your roof. Your buildings structure and roof are under a great deal of stress from the weight of the snow. It is important in the winter season to pay special attention and secure professional flat roof snow removal and to schedule regular maintenance to provide preventative measures. Hart Roofing offers professional and effective snow removal services that will keep your commercial building safe.

What You Need to Know

Commercial and industrial buildings are typically flat roofs and they are much more susceptible to roof damage, roof failure, roof leaks or even roof collapse. Snow melts, it freezes and then is covered by a new layer of snow. The process repeats until the ice sheet becomes too heavy for the roof to shoulder. The imbalance of drifting snow can cause one part of a roof to give way. Hasty and improper snow removal can cause damage to the roof membrane. In our cold climate your commercial roof may need to have snow removed a few times throughout the winter. It is best to consider when to remove snow from a flat roof and Hart Roofing can create a SNOW REMOVAL PLAN tailored to your needs.


How Hart Roofing Can Help

In the winter your flat roof requires special attention – snow removal and preventive measures. Shouldering the burden of snow accumulation puts stress on the roof and the structure of the building resulting in property damage. Do not wait till you have an emergency. Hart Roofing is an experienced flat roofing company that can assess your roof while conducting snow removal for any maintenance or repairs required prior to spring melt, at which time leaks will occur. Hasty and improper snow removal can cause damage to roof membranes. Contact Hart Roofing today to protect your investment. Call us today if your commercial or residential roof need snow removal.

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