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Commercial Roof Maintenance

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A Maintenance Plan for a commercial roof is a program facilitated by a commercial roofing contractor to perform annual inspections, cleaning and maintenance of a commercial roof to prevent severe damage from occurring and to extend the life of the roof. This plan or contract is an easy and sure way for building owners and managers to ensure their commercial roof remains under warranty and in excellent condition while staying with a budget or to ensure problems do not occur on an existing roof. Hart Roofing is trustworthy, reliable and experienced in Flat Roof Maintenance.

What Happens First in a Roof Inspection?

Before a roof can be properly inspected minor debris will be removed. Cleaning of the roof is important to prevent rotting, mold, moss, blocked drainage and other problems from developing through winter in to spring and fall.


What Do I need to Know about My Inspection?

Spring or Fall is an excellent time of year to complete a yearly inspection. Identifying potential issues will help ensure that any roof problems do not become more serious. Fractures in the roof membrane or gaps in flashing can open further during winter months as melted snow refreezes and expands. Finding problems before they cause damage is a smart way to lower the cost of your roof maintenance. Your entire roof should be inspected, but key components are especially important.

Our Commercial Roof Inspection Includes:

  • Downspouts and gutters should be free of debris and in good condition
  • Drainage points should be free of debris
  • Examine roof for signs of ponding water
  • All penetrations/flashings should be checked for proper seals
  • Inspect membrane and document all fracture/ridging locations
  • Roof ventilation should be free of debris
  • All areas of the roof should be checked for deterioration, damage, or weakness
  • Visually inspect all rooftop mechanical equipment for open panels and deteriorated seals

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