How do I know I am getting a fair estimate?

June 1, 2015
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It is time for a new roof. The old one is looking shabby or is damaged from hail so you pick up the Yellow Pages or search online and call a few roofing companies. How do I know what I should pay and is it a fair quote? It is important to understand how a professional roofing company like Hart Roofing and Renovations, makes a bid on a job and what factors are considered when making this bid.

The roofing contractor will come to your home and inspect your roof and they will look at things like:

  • How many layers of shingles need to be removed?
  • Is the decking underneath damaged?
  • Is there any damage around vents, chimneys, skylights or other structures?
  • How large is the roof? This will determine the cost of the materials, including nails, and underlay.
  • Labor costs are then factored in according to layers to be removed and repairs that are required and the steepness of the roof.
  • The cost of hauling off the old shingles and underlay as well as cleanup is also included in the final cost.
  • The longer the life and the heavier the shingle the more expensive they will be.
  • If a reputable roofing company has given you a lower bid than Hart Roofing and Renovations show this bid to us. We will be willing to meet this price or to come down in price to lower our bid. Roofing bids are not always set in stone.
  • It is important to get several bids on a job from companies that have good reputations for professionalism.
  • Be sure to get the final bid in writing and only pay for the job when it is finished to your satisfaction.
How do I know I am getting a fair estimate?